Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome-ness in pictures

Millions of time throughout our life together I have told Lee and I quote
"I wish I had a professional photographer to go everywhere with us and document our life"
and then I met Amber Gazo. and while she hasn't quite had the chance to document Lee's life (mainly because he doesn't have one)she is doing a spectacular job at documenting mine and the other SOs.

case in point.

making birthday hats with the kids at Limes! mine turned out looking like the Pope's
Me & Bradley.... one of the most behaved & nicest kids at Limes :)
The kid love to "plait" my hair... braid it. even the boys... they were amazed that my hair was long enough that they could reach it while I was standing.
"Miss has the longest hair I've ever seen!"

we blew up dozens of balloons for the birthday party!

more about the birthday party...
we had a party for all the kids who had a birthday in January or February
it was actually for everyone because everyone got to play games and have cake and treats
it was so fun & the kids LOVED it!
I made a bowling game out of empty 2L pop bottles... they had never been bowling before! I'm going to start buying more pop so we can have more games! we only have 5 bottles.

these are pictures I took at the party 

Sarah saved the leftovers from the bake sale the SOs had last week & froze them so we could use them at the party... I'm so happy she thought of that! the kids were soooo happy to have all that sugar :)
It was so interesting to see that not one speck went to waste... the kids were begging for bags and pieces of foil so they could take something home to their families... at the end I watched one little girl go pick up all the pieces of icing that had fallen off the cake when it was cut and put them in her baggie to take home.

I can't wait to have another birthday party! haha the kids were crazy, but it was fun :)

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