Thursday, January 21, 2010

Great Day in Grenada =)

Today has been good... I went to the University Club this morning, which is a country club type place for professors and people visiting the school to stay (atleast that's what I think it is) anyway, they have a pool and the SOs (Significant Other's of students) get to use it on Mondays and Thursdays... and it is amazing. I went with Amber, my footsteps buddy (who they matched me up with to ask questions before I moved to the island) and she is so sweet, so I lucked out with the footsteps buddy =) hopefully next term I can be one... I want to help people adjust here, b/c it's not that easy.... and I met a couple other SOs there too. We also went ocean kayaking.... in the marina area, not out on the open water (DAD) so that was quite a workout... I wish I still had my underwater camera! uuugh it would be so perfect here. but it broke on our honeymoon =(

the pool at the University Club 

 the sky looks so cloudy, but I don't remember it looking that way....

The I came home and ate lunch & got to see Lee for about 20 minutes! & went to the grocery to scout out some milk.  and was successful! so Thursday is definitely the day for the IGA.

I decided to take a picture of my food I bought...
Sugar and salt come in a plain plastic bag tied shut. but it is pretty cheap! less than $3EC for sugar, so that's around a $1 USD. pretty sweet deal. pun intended.
Bananas, and Banana pop! it's soooo sweet, but I love it.
Macaroni, which I think I like more than Kraft? gasp. the cheese looks like pinkish until you add milk though.
Cream cheese.... and they even have starwberry philadelphia cream cheese!
Milk - cold milk in a gallon is a luxury and hard to find
Cereal, which I think this was on sale today b/c I don't remember seeing cereal this cheap before, it was about $3 USD... brand name cereal is like 5 or 6 dollars a box.
Mak-C is like koolaid, but you don't have to add sugar. it's good and cheap.
Powdered sugar, flour, cinnamon -all pretty cheap because they can make it here or in Trinidad
Ketchup, non name brand because Heinz was like $9 US! no way I'd pay that.
Banana Ketchup.... never had it, but it was only $2.50 EC, which is like less than a dollar... and I love bananas, so I thought I'd be adventurous.
Chinese sauce... not soy, not teriyaki... just chinese it was cheap and teriyaki wasn't so I thought we'd try it.
and an onion.

I think I am a pretty good shopper.... I got all of that for $60 EC, which is about $22.  Some people here are such sticklers for name brand that they spend sooooo much money, and considering we don't have any money, I've been pretty frugal.  I really really really want ice cream though.. they didn't have any good flavors today... but it's also $15 for a big thing of it, I don't think it's quite a gallon, but $15 US. I guess if you think about going out for ice cream it's so expensive, and we could eat a gallon forever.... but we're also trying to be healthy. so we've been eating jello. haha. watermellon jello is awesome.

A guy in Lee's class offered to pay me to go to the grocery for him... b/c the med students are just soooo overwhelmingly busy they don't even have time to take care of themselves... and Lee was talking about how happy he is to have me so he doesn't have to worry about cooking or shopping or laundry (haha, which is fine, I have accepted my role as caretaker for Lee for the next 4 years... not that I have much else to do anyway) so we'll see what happens... I may have started my own grocery delivery service.


Amanda said...

Very cool! You are really on the ball w/ this blog thing, you'll have to print it all out and put it in a binder for a keepsake.

The groceries are cute! That's a good idea for every Thurs. on your blog- grocery finds and pictures! I think its interesting anyway. Banana pop...? Sounds eww. I bet the local stuff is way healthier anyway b/c they aren't using high fructose corn syrup and dyes.

I'd definately take the guy up on his offer for grocery shopping. Do you have a little cart to tote it all home? Using your GREEN reuseble bags? :)

- Kelsey said...

of course, haha I have a giant target one and another canvas bag I use. The guy only wants bread, tuna, cereal, and milk basically, so it'll be easy.
& yea they use real sugar in the pop, I think it tastes better, it's sweeter... you have to pay more for "american" pop b/c they make their own coke products here too!


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