Monday, June 27, 2016

Sick baby

It's almost midnight and I have yet to be to bed tonight... Something that hasn't happened since Houston was born, as we've both been getting in bed before 9 most nights, but I'm up with a sick Leo. 
Actually Leo is asleep but I'm awake because I know Houston will be up any minute and I'm better off staying up rather than being super groggy after 15 minutes of sleep. 

We have been so blessed that Leo has hardly ever been sick. I actually think today was the first time I've ever taken his temperature and one of the only fevers i remember him having. 
He doesn't even have any other symptoms besides fever, but it got really high and was scary for a bit... Especially because Lee is working overnight tonight. Of course. 

But he is still such an awesome Daddy... I text him that Leo's temp was 104.1 and he told me to alternate Tylenol and ibuprofen... Only we didn't have ibuprofen and so I asked him if he thought CVS would sell it to me thru the drive thru pharmacy (it was pouring down rain and Leo is sick and I have Houston... You know woe is me) and he said don't worry, I'll come home real quick. 
Our knight in shining armor ☺️

Now everything had to work out perfectly for him to be able to leave the hospital and run home, but thank you Jesus it did! 

A few hours later and Leo is sleeping (in bed with me) and his temp is down to 102.6! 

He's still such a sweet sweet boy even being sick. I took his temp while he was sleeping and he popped his eyes open and in the most adorable way said - hey stop that! 
Then I had to wake him for medicine and he took a tiny sip, turned his head away, and said - no thank you mommy. 
Even sick and practically asleep he is still polite, haha. 

This very small illness with Leo, that's only lasted a few hours so far, made me think about parents who have to deal with a chronically sick child, or a kid with a serious illness.
It breaks my heart to see him not acting like himself and there not be a lot I can do about it. I can't imagine what they must go through. Right now a couple miles away there is a children's hospital full of babies in the nicu and little kids in icu and their parents too are awake at midnight sitting on an uncomfortable hospital couch or pacing the halls... while I'm laying here with a precious, healthy almost 1 month old in his crib on my left and an amazing, though currently hot and sweaty, 2 year old on my right. Our problems seem so minor.
As I pray over my sweet Leo and ask God to take away this fever and help us get through the night, I'm also praying for rest, strength, and healing for all those holding their sick babies tonight. 

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-STEPHANIE said...

Sick babes are the worst. Praying for his healing and your strength to get through the hard moments.


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