Tuesday, April 26, 2016

34 weeks!

I was just reading over my post about being 34 weeks with Leo and at that dr appointment my dr said that if I went into labor then they wouldn't do anything to stop it and I could have a perfectly healthy baby!  What!

Just like when I was 34 weeks with Leo I feel like my to do list was 12 miles long.  Yet, we have everything we absolutely need for this baby.  Minus some diapers and I can just send Lee to the store while we at the hospital, yeah?

At 34 weeks I am feeling amazing.
I had a few days a couple weeks ago where I didn't feel great.  I was waking up sick and feeling nauseous and getting sick after I ate, but thankfully that didn't last too long and things appear to be fine!
I'm having almost no hip or pelvic pain at this point and baby boy has become a bit more gentle with the kicking. It's almost entirely on my right side now, which I found out last week at my appointment is where his little feet are because he is now in head down position, but lying on his side.  I was very relieve to hear the words head down!  Now just flip on your back little buddy and we'll be all good!

I haven't had any swelling since that one day I wrote about on my last pregnancy post and I don't think I've been doing anything differently.
I'm sleeping through the night just fine, yay! For a while longer yet I hope...

 I don't know if this is just the burst of energy you get before baby makes their grand entrance or the burst you get before you feel humongously pregnant and uncomfortable but I'm not complaining.

I have all the baby items pulled out of storage.  The swing and pack n play are assembled in the the living room.  The bouncer, boppy, play mat, and blankets have all been washed and are ready to go.  I have his space of our room almost completely decorated.  His clothes are nicely folded in his drawers.  His car seat is on the bed in the spare room ready to be installed.  The baby bathtub is hanging up in the shower and all the hooded towels and baby wash cloths are organized under the sink. Leo is sleeping in his new twin bed and the mattress has been moved back to the highest setting on the crib.

The house is getting clean.  I've been getting bursts here and there to clean and purge certain areas.  Last week was my bookshelf.  One day was my closet.  One was Leo's closet. One day I did one of those pinterest tricks to clean our mattress really well.  One day I even opened the closet where the AC and hot water tank are and cleaned out all the dust in there..... that was gross, but hopefully will keep our air clean for baby, right?
Something I really want to do before he is born is clean the carpets and deep clean the kitchen (but really that could wait until my mom gets here and wants to do it for me.... kidding.........)

Next up on my to do list is make the cushion covers for the glider chair and start some freezer meals.  I have some cooked ground turkey and a thing of spaghetti sauce frozen so far. That'll save me like 15 minutes some day... lol

I've also started making "busy bags" for Leo. Mostly stuff I've found on pinterest.  Hoping to buy some time here and there when I need him to be occupied and don't want to feel like I'm ignoring him. I am so thankful that Leo loves to learn.  I think it's going to make this transition easier because he really is content to sit beside me on the couch and go over flash cards or read books or make up stories. I pray his personality and temperament doesn't change when baby shows up on the scene!

These pictures are from 33wks and 3 days! 

And 34 at church

How far along: 34 weeks
Total weight gain:  about 28-30
Maternity clothes: yes and no, I still have a few things I can get away with wearing!
Stretch marks: nope, I might be lucky and make it through a second.  Once can hope
Best moment of this week: probably one of the times Leo talked to my belly or about baby brother. He's going to be the best big brother.
Movement: slower and less sudden movements I think.  I also have a better idea of what body part I'm feeling, haha.
Food cravings: not really, I usally crave drinks I guess. Water with lemon, Dr Pepper, juice
Anything making you queasy or sick: no
Have you started to show yet: yes, and everyone is letting me know. lol 

Gender:  B-0-Y!
Labor signs: no, I hope not yet
Belly button in or out: It's almost flat, but its still sorta in.
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and anxious!
Looking forward to: finishing my to-do list and meeting this boy! 

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