Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leo's 1st Birthday

When I first started thinking about Leo's birthday party I first was truthfully was only concerned about pictures.  I didn't think much about inviting people or decor or any of that.  Is that terrible?

I mean I thought a lot about him turning one and not really being a baby any more, although I think that I might have had an easier time with this transition than some others due to the fact that Leo has never acted much like a baby.  He's always been in a hurry to grow up.  Even when he was itty bitty he didn't want to be snuggled and held constantly.  I think that's also part of why I'm holding onto breastfeeding because it's the only time of the day that I get to hold him and get his undivided attention. But anyway.
I'm also really embracing Leo turning 1 because he is honestly more and more fun each day.  I love that he looks me in the eye with an intelligent look and communicates with me and is such a sponge learning something new literally every second.
I love holding my sleeping baby and kissing his squishy little cheeks, but I also love helping him develop into an independent person with a purpose.  I still can't believe that I actually get to be this little boy's parent and Lee and I get to have such an influence in his life.  It's a lot of responsibility.
back to the party, right.

So I knew my sister Molly would be here and I thought about inviting like 2-3 other couples we know and somehow it began turning into this entire event.  I started inviting everyone. haha.  We have been so blessed with a great church family here - a lot of whom have become like family, so there wasn't any way I could not invite them to Leo's party.  They feel like he is their grandson or nephew.  Then Lee began talking about it at work and before I know it I get a text saying that he invited the entire residency program.
To our house.
Our little condo.  With seating for like 10 people, maybe.

AND we had to have the party on a Tuesday evening, which is weird right?
But because of the dates my sister was here, Lee's schedule, and church on Wednesday night we ended up with a Tuesday... and you know what?  It turned out awesome.
We had plenty of food (pizza, fruit, veggies, chips, cupcakes), almost enough space for everyone - people in the kitchen, the hall, and all over the living room floor.
We ended up with like 25-30 people here and it was so much fun.  My sister and niece, church friends, Lee's co-workers (even his attending and program director came!), and our neighbors. Everyone came because they love Leo and were excited to share this life event with us and it was awesome.

His party was sort of a music theme, but really just his cake was a drum, haha, and I used primary colors.

Happy Birthday my Leo!!! 

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Joe Fusco said...

A belated happy first birthday! When they are little, you choose the day that fits best into everyone's schedule. As they get older, you have to work around school.


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