Friday, March 27, 2015

13 months!

-note- I write these posts over the course of many days. hahahaha.

Today I was at the park and someone asked how old Leo was and I said oh he'll be 13 months later this week... and then I realized that today was the 24th and in fact he'd be 13 months tomorrow!
I have to stop saying - he just turned one!

The first year indeed went by extremely fast, but I honestly feel like the past month occurred in the blink of an eye.
I went from a brand new 1 year old to a 13 month old!
Leo is such a toddler these days.  Eating pizza, giving kisses and hugs, and he even had his first tumble off the playground today.

We went out to dinner with friends last night who have an almost 6 month old and we were talking about how quickly each stage of babyhood passes and it's so true.  Just yesterday I was scanning every place we went for a spot to nurse Leo and now the entire day can pass without either of us ever thinking about nursing.  Instead of dangling toys in front of his face and rattling noise makers we're playing basketball and jumping on a baby trampoline.  All in the just the span of a couple months, you know? wow.

This month he has picked up signing "more" ALL the time. He thinks it means please and more because I always say more please. haha.  So now if I say, say please, he does the sign for more :)
I'm working on the sign for please now also.  We sign more, all done, milk, and food.

He's also gotten really good at giving kisses.  The best feeling is sitting in the floor playing and he all of a sudden gets it in his little mind that he needs to kiss his mama and he comes running over and plants a big open mouth slobbery kiss on me. *heart melts into a puddle*

His favorite toys this month are his basketball hoop and his trampoline that I got at a sale for 75 cents!  He's so adorable jumping on it... and even more so sitting on the edge bouncing on his butt with his legs swinging.  *entire body melts into a pile of mush on the floor*

But there are some not so sweet things happening in the life of a 13 month old.  Firstly would be the biting.  When he doesn't want to kiss he wants to take a little nibble of my shoulder or knee cap.  He has 8 teeth now and it hurts!
He doesn't often do it to be mean, it's more, like hey you like kisses, I bet you'll love to feel my teeth sink into  your skin even more!  But he also does it sometimes when he's mad.  Trying to stop this, so we'll see...
He's also pretty good at throwing tantrums.  Stiffens his body and throws himself on the floor and cries.  It's very dramatic and thankfully only happens when he is tried or hungry.  If he gets like this I know there is a solution, but it still doesn't make it fun.

Leo is also very focuses and determined.  If he gets it in his mind that he wants something he will not give up.  Usually it's my phone or the computer or something dangerous like knives in the dishwasher.
He is hard to distract and even if I take him in another room, the second he's able to right back to whatever he wanted.  Going outside almost always helps and offering a drink of water is a quick fix too.

I'm still struggling with the milk thing.  He will not drink regular milk or other plant based milks.  I tried the almond and coconut mix (which I personally think is delicious!) but Leo wasn't interested. I'm going to go in search of goat milk soon.
I would really, really like to have him consistently down to nursing 2x a day by the end of the month, and then down to 1x a day, and  then finished within the next few months. Some days he is so busy that he doesn't ask to nurse in the afternoon... but some days he comes and sits on my lap so sweetly, looks me in the eye, and signs milk and my heart is jello and wants to give him whatever he wants, but I know that the longer I nurse him the harder it is going to be to wean him and I'm starting to feel more done with nursing.
It is still a sweet time of day for us and I get to cuddle my boy and I love that he's getting nutrition and antibodies and it's so great for him, but I also would like for Leo to not be so reliant on his mommy before we decide to have another baby.  It might be a stretch but I'd actually love for him to potty trained before baby #2 also.
fyi - I'm not pregnant, but we definitely want several more children so it's going to be happening sometime in the not too distant future! haha

Last night Lee and I were reading books to Leo before bed and he was sitting on my lap quietly and listening and then leaned back, looked up at me and popped his little hand out and squeezed his hand together to sign milk.  It is so amazing that he can communicate with us now like that.  He knew he was tired and just wanted to nurse and go to bed.  Oh that sweet baby.
I want to remember moments like that.

This month we've also transitioned to 1 nap a day.  Unless Leo falls asleep in the car at some random time he only naps once.  I think that technically he could benefit from 2 naps a day but it was getting impossible to actually get him to fall asleep for the 2nd nap and if he did end up falling asleep he'd sleep until about 6 oclock and then not want to go to bed until like 9pm, which isn't cool because regardless of what time he goes to sleep he's up and at em at 6:30-7am.

I don't know how big he is this month, probably not too much of a difference than last month. He's in all 24mo or 2T clothes and is almost out of his size 5 shoes and has a couple size 6 he's been wearing.
I'm on the hunt currently for the perfect Easter outfit.  It's so fun to have a baby.

Between Thanksgiving and now we have had NINE different groups of guests at our house.  That's like 9 weeks of people.  Leo and I have been go go go and I'm so looking forward to just spending some time the two of us and exploring our neighborhood and getting on a good schedule together.

Our typical day looks like this -
Wake up at 7 and nurse.
Play on the back porch for a bit before it gets too warm - bubbles, water toys, cars, balls, etc.
Go somewhere - the park most days, or the library, farmers market, grocery shopping, thrift store, etc.
Home for lunch
Nap for Leo.
Play in the living room - ball pit, basketball, trampoline, read books, dance party, musical instruments, and try to squeeze in something educational - sorting shapes, flash cards, or some other pinterest inspired failure, I mean activity.

That'd be my perfect day.
And we usually get it like 3x a week so that's pretty good.

- the next series of text is from Leo!!
He loves to hit to keyboard anytime he can get near the computer!




so, yea, anyone care to decode that?

And I do plan on doing a monthly update still just to keep me in the blogging mode.

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