Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Leo's current favorite books

I thought I'd do a post about Leo's current favorite books before they get pushed to the wayside with all the new books he's getting for his birthday!  We love books!! That's pretty much all I've bought for him for his birthday. And I can't pass the book section at the thrift stores. Last week I got some for .25!! What!?

Leo has lots of favorite books. Some he likes to carry around the house, some he likes to chew, and some he likes to sit and read! 

His very, very favorite is Who Said Moo? He likes when we make all the animal noises (he tries to immitate - so cute!!) and there are extra little flaps that hide the animal sounds and he loves to flip it over. 
Our favorite book to read together is I Love You Through and Through. It not only has a super sweet story, it goes over the body parts and Leo loves when I touch his toes and nose ☺️

He likes books with added features - googly eyes, flaps, Elmo puppets, music, chomping dinosaurs 😂 you get the point.  

Overall he likes books with just a few words on each page and bright colors.  Just like you'd expect from a baby!

I'm interested to see how his preferences change in the coming months as he understands more and more. 

I'm excited for the day when he starts it like Dr Seuss! I read those to him now and he doesn't pay that good of attention, but they're some of my favorites! I got him one for his birthday that is all the really good quotes from all the books complied into one. I can't remember the name of it and it's already wrapped up! Haha! 

We've also become frequent visitors to the library. They have a great set up for babies/toddlers and Leo loves to pull the board books down and sit on the floor level couches and play with the stuff on the walls ☺️ We go to baby rhyme time once a week and play with other baby friends. 

😘 I love this baby and hope that he grows up he'll love books as much as his mommy and daddy! 

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