Tuesday, November 25, 2014

9 months

Leo Robert is 9 months old now!

He just keeps growing and learning new things every single day.
I can barely keep up!

He is such a fun, sweet baby and I love spending my days with him.
He has however developed a bit of a temper.  He will scream if I tell him no or take something away from him.  He's cute and funny now, but I'm really hoping we're able to nip this before it becomes an actual problem.  He grits his teeth and clenches his fists. shew.  He is going to be trouble!

He now has 6 teeth - 4 top and 2 bottom, which make him look like such a big kid!
He uses these 6 teeth to gobble up all sorts of foods now.  He eats pretty much anything we offer him!  My favorite thing to do is take him to a buffet restaurant and offer him different things.  A couple Sundays ago we went to a Japanese buffet and he tried watermelon and cantaloupe the for the first time and was a big fan.   Watermelon is a great snack for him because he holds the chunk in his hand and it keeps him occupied for a long time.
He eats 90% table food now and only eats purees when we're out and I need something easy, then I use the squeezable pouches.   He'll eat pretty much whatever we're eating, which is convenient!

He also uses those big teeth to bite.
He's bit me while nursing a couple times, thankfully none recently, and it was extremely painful as I'm sure you can imagine.  He also will bite my hand or leg sometimes randomly, which I'm trying to teach him is not nice!

4 days before he turned 9 months Lee and I were both home to witness him take his first steps!! It was so fun!  He's been standing for a while and we were all 3 standing up in the middle of the room and Leo was at our feet and at the same time we each put our hands out for him to come to us and he walked to both of us!!!  It was so sweet.
Since then he's only taken a couple steps here and there.
I guess the "walking" will be on the 10 month update!

Leo is clapping, waving, high fiving, drumming on everything he can.
He loves the water - the beach, the pool, the bathtub, however he can get it!  I can't wait to teach him some actual swimming skills.  Lee's sister used to be an instructor and is going to give me some tips when she visits later this month!

He is officially off the growth chart for 9 month old babies... coming in at 31 and 1/4 inches tall!!!! :0  and 24.5 lbs he's about the 95th percentile for weight!  Although with all the moving around he's been doing he's slimming down quite a bit!  He's gonna be a long like his mommy and daddy!

His favorite things are music - both listening to songs and watching his mommy dance like a fool around the house and making his own music with his ukulele and drum, his wooden train that he pushes all around the house, and reaching for anything that is just out of his reach.  He's learning all about stretching and using his tippy toes to get to the top of the kitchen table and my other furniture around the house.  I keep saying his like a little cat just batting his little paws around until he finds something to grab onto!  I can't let him out of my sight for a second!

Here's a photo recap of Leo's 9th month.

 I baby sat for a friend and Leo was quite jealous she was riding his train. haha!!

 At the fair with Daddy!
 Crawling away at church...
 sweet sleeping babe.
 he's such a danger seeking baby! get down!

 first time having watermelon.  he looks unimpressed, but he loves it! 
 excited Daddy was home from work!! yay! 
standing all on his own. biggie boy! 

 first trip to Ikea!
 still loves his morning walks! :)
 Leo the lion's first Halloween!! 

by the end of the month his top teeth came through! 6 in total!

 my sweet, sweet happy boy! 
Oh I love you Leo!!! 

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Amber said...

He is so cute I can't stand it! I want to hug him so badly!


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