Friday, July 18, 2014

Sitting, standing-ish, "crawling"

Leo is in a hurry to be a big kid and this mommy has mixed feelings about it :/
For several weeks now he has been trying to sit up while he's laying on his back.  It's like he's doing crunches - so adorable!  He is getting stronger and stronger every day and is actually able to get his head and shoulders pretty high up.  When he throws his legs up he gets even more momentum!

We've been practicing sitting up here and there - mostly propped up on the couch or in my lap while I'm sitting cross legged, but this week he decided that he can sit up all by himself... for a while anyway.

The standing is just something I tried one day so I could get a good picture of his cute little baby jeans and he was able to do it!  I propped him up on a chair and he just stood there playing.  He can even hold on one handed.  Show off! 

And crawling... well... he can't crawl.  Dude is only 4 months old!  But he wants to crawl so so badly!  He had been just flailing his arms and legs hoping for movement, but now he is able to dig in with his feet and move himself forward slightly or push with his hands and go backwards. We're talking inches, but still.
And he is able to go in circles.  Very slow circles.

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Amber said...

Oh my gosh the video of him trying to crawl! It's going to be SO SOON Kelsey! Look how strong he is!


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