Monday, July 14, 2014

Medical School Graduation

On April 11th Lee officially graduated from St. George's University with his MD!
His school held an official graduation ceremony in NYC in June, but we were unable to attend due to our recent move to Florida and lack of funds.
NOTE- becoming a doctor doesn't mean you automatically have money! haha! Actually this is the poorest we've ever been in our entire lives... I haven't had a job since February and Lee won't get his first paycheck until this week............ and we don't need to talk about the student loan debt again.
but back to less depressing things.

Lee graduated Magna Cum Laude which means his GPA was over 3.8 (I don't know exactly what it was and if I asked he'd tell me not to blog about it, lol)
I am so proud of him!  I know everyone says this, but he really did work extremely hard to do so well to ensure that he'd match into a great residency and be able to provide for our family.  Leo and I are so blessed.

A friend sent me this picture on graduation day of his name in the program for the Iota Epsilon Alpha Honor Society Members.   And she mailed me a copy of program!  So sweet! 

It feels so strange that medical school is now behind us and Lee is officially Dr. Coghill.
I'm apart of a Facebook group of doctor's wives and instead of referring to my DrH as MS4 (4th year medical student) I can now say PGY1 (Post Grad Year 1). 
We received our first piece of mail a couple weeks ago addressed - Dr. and Mrs. Coghill and Leo
:) :) :)

Up next, residency graduation in 3 short years! 


Amber said...

Look at that diploma! So exciting!


It is great post to read. Thanks for sharing.

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