Tuesday, May 27, 2014

3 months

Leo turned 3 months old in an airplane!
How many babies can say that?
We had been in Kauai for his Aunt Amber's wedding and were flying back to Ohio for Memorial Day!
We left Hawaii at 10pm on the 24th and landed in Arizona at 7am on the 25th!

His third month was so much fun to experience.  Every single day he learns something new and his little mind is just exploding with all the new information and experiences.

His favorite new thing? Swimming!!
He got to go swimming in a pool for the first time in Hawaii and then spent lots of time in the salt water lagoon wiggling his little toes and having mommy and daddy move him through the water.  It is so much fun to watch his little face examine the water and feel the relief from the heat.
ah the heat - Leo doesn't like it.  Not good for a baby about to move to Florida, eh?

When we first arrived in Hawaii he wanted to eat about every hour and half (he had been going about 2.5-3 hours in between eating) Not fun for mommy!  I'm still having issues breast feeding. ugh. more about that in a bit.
After a few days he adjusted and things got better.  We also bought him a small portable fan at Walmart, took him swimming frequently, and kept him in the shade.
Leo is such a chill baby.  Hawaii was much more fun than I expected it to be with an infant!
He loved all the attention from his Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents!

We even left him for the first time with his Grandma and Grandpa for about an hour!  I had never left him with anyone other than Lee before.  We stayed at a house about a 5 minute walk from the beach so we decided we'd let him hang out at the house while we ran down to the beach kid free.
It was a lot of fun.... but I missed my baby too.

We're trying really hard to get Leo used to other people so that he isn't too attached to only me.  I want him to be social and friendly!  So far so good.  I think it has helped immensely having Lee home with us so he isn't just with one person all the time.  But that is soon about to change.  I'm nervous about moving to Florida and not knowing many people and Leo not socializing enough.

More about the rest of the month though -

Leo is rolling over more and more.  He loves to play in the floor and is working on rolling from back to belly, he's got close a couple of times!
He is "talking" more everyday.  He coos and makes the sweetest little sighs.  It melts my heart...
He is especially happy and talkative in the mornings.  He's a morning person like his daddy!

Once he started rolling over I stopped swaddling him.  He was also getting very frustrated with his hands being tied down and I'd find him some mornings with a couple fingers poking out around his neck.  Poor baby!! The first night sans swaddle he slept 6 hours and 15 minute straight!  It was awesome!! But unfortunately not a permanent thing. haha.

Leo has become more aware of his hands recently.  He has purposefully started hitting the animals on his play mat, sucks his fingers, rubs his eyes, and pulls my hair when he can get his hands on it!
He has been waking up some times sucking on his fingers and appeasing himself rather than making angry "I'm hungry NOW" noises. 

Unfortunately his 3rd month he also learned about self entertainment while Lee and I were packing up our apartment and packing for Hawaii.  He traveled around the house with us in his bouncer and watched me clean out my closet and pack.  He such a happy baby he doesn't mind as long as we talk to him and he has something to watch.  
He has a new favorite song!  How Sweet it is to be Loved by You.  Lee is singing it for his sister's wedding and has been practicing it pretty frequently and whenever he sings to Leo he goes crazy bouncing and smiling.  It is the best!

When Leo was 11 weeks old he flew on an airplane for the first time and did amazing!  I tried it make sure he was eating at take off and landing, but even if he wasn’t hungry or interested he didn’t cry.  6 hours on a plane with a baby is a long time, but he did awesome!  We were applauded on our baby's behavior by a lot of the passengers and even the pilot on one flight! haha. We sat next to a 2 year old on one flight and I'm thinking that age doesn't sound quite as fun to travel with... :)

Another first - he laughed out loud for the first time!!
I missed it because I was in the shower! :(  Lee scramed for me and I could barely hear him so I came running out wet thinking something was wrong, but no... just missed his first laugh.
He however has made up for it laughing more for his mommy and it is the best!!!

Every stage I think it just keeps getting better and better.

My 1st Mother's Day!
I love this baby more than anything and I absolutely love being his mommy.

Our trip to Hawaii!!
I feel like I should do a separate post about it.  So much happened there! 

First time on a plane!
First view of the ocean! 

First swim! 

First time seeing sea turtles! :) 

Aunt Amber's wedding!  Leo's first wedding :)

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