Monday, April 14, 2014

6 weeks old

Little Leo is growing fast.
His 6th week was a big one!!
He traveled outside of the US for the first time to Canada!
Did you know Leo is a dual citizen?? :)  He must have known because he loved Canada (except that very first night there when he had his biggest freak out to date, more about that in a minute)

This week Leo attended his first funeral, first nursing home, first birthday party, first trip to Niagara Falls, met a lot of his extended family, and was dedicated to the Lord at Lakeside Church of the Nazarene.

In Canada he perfected his smile.
He had been working on it, but finally began doing it in response to Lee and I (more so to Daddy though.... grrrrrr) when we smile at him or do something silly.

His biggest smiles came at my little birthday celebration the family had for me on Sunday afternoon.
It was so sweet!!! I was getting ready to blow out my candles and Leo just stole the show smiling sooooooo big!! It was my best birthday yet.  And more about that in a minute too.

His first long car trip went really well.  We only had to stop once in the 5 hour trip.  Then once we got to Lee's parents we got ready to go to the visitation for a dear family friend that had passed away.  I so wish Mr. McKay had got to meet Leo, he would have loved him!! But instead we went to pay our condolences to the family and I think that having a baby around really brightened the mood and helped everyone a bit.
Leo was passed around quite a bit and made lots of new friends, but was a great little baby through it all!
When it was time to go Leo was alseep and we decided to try to wait until we got back to Lee's parents before feeding him..... big mistake.
He woke up apparently STARVING and screamed bloody murder and was too upset to eat for about an hour.  He'd never freaked out like that before and it was so stressful! Eventually Lee got him calmed down by just marching around the room with him non stop and he ate and went to sleep.
The next night he adapted and slept his longest stretch yet! 5.5 hours!  And he continued to sleep really well for the rest of the trip.  Lesson learned.

Leo also met his Great Grandma Coghill for the first time!  They were so sweet together!  I have the most precious video of her singing to him.  Something we will forever cherish.  It's not every baby that gets a Great Grandma.
When we went to visit her at the nursing home she showed him off to all the nurses and anyone who walked by her door :)  Then as requested we took him to the lunch room to show off for all the old ladies.  He was a big hit and I think we might have to visit more nursing homes in the future.  Everyone loves babies!!
There was one lady who had Dementia who when the nurse showed Leo to her she said "I don't want to see it.... it's not mine!!" then she said to the nurse "He's ugly!  Just like you!"
it was both hilarious and so sad at the same time.

When it was time to go home Lee told me he had a surprise for me for my birthday!  It was visit to Niagara Falls!! One of my favorite places!
Unfortunately it rained and was kind of chilly so we didn't get to enjoy it to it's fullest, but Leo didn't mind.  He slept through it all anyway.

On the way home Lee changed Leo's diaper in the car..... and while he was taking the diaper off Leo explosively pooped, right in Lee's hand!  Which luckily had a wipe in it and he caught it all before it got on the car seat!!  2 points for Lee!

meeting Great Nana

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