Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where to live?

If you had the choice of anywhere within the United States to live where would you pick and why?
and you CANNOT pick where you're from and say "because it's home"
because obviously that isn't my home.
sorry Pedro, Ohio you're not even on the list.

Lee and I are going through our final selections for residency programs! 

His must haves include
a.) large respected university program
b.) close to an airport
c.) SGU students have matched at previously

My must haves include
a.) warmer weather than Michigan
b.) near the ocean if at all possible
c.) drivable distance from my parents.

What is a drivable distance to you?? I'm thinking less than 14 hours.
Somewhere I can drive to within one day.
And luck has it my brother lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
About halfway from a lot a places to my parents.  That solves that problem.

I would love to live in Florida, and coastal areas of -Virginia, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. 
Specifically in Florida- Tampa/Clearwater, Miami (ok not so drivable), Tallahassee, Orlando, and Jacksonville.
Still on the list are Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Ohio.

On the list but I wish were NOT
Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and some east coast places that I don't exactly remember.

This is such a crazy experience... we could literally go ANYWHERE south of Michigan, and east of Texas. weird.


Marisa said...

Can I pick where I'm from because I love Wisconsin weather, cheese, beer and all the things to do here? If not, I pick the Denver area because the climate is nice and there are a lot of outdoor things to do there. (:

habecker said...

Other than where we now live (Grand Junction CO) and we like MUCH, easily Oregon. That's our kind of climate.

Amber said...

Come live by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. <3 Or Miami so I can come visit you and we can go back to the beach!

Anonymous said...

Just recently stumbled upon your blog and was curious as to why Lee chose SGU and not go the US or Canadian med school route? from your posts I gather he really is great academically so why caribbean?

TiffanyClark said...

I vote Nashville, tn so I can spoil that baby!! And see you all the time!!


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