Saturday, August 3, 2013

First Doctor's Appointment

Friday I had my first OB appointment.
Most stressful day of my life thus far.   I was so nervous because I have had so few pregnancy symptoms I was convinced that maybe I wasn't actually pregnant...

One of the perks of having a medical student husband is he was able to tell me without a doubt who he recommended to be my doctor and trusted with me and our baby's life.
That was a relief.

Dr. Wagstaff was great.  At first I was a little uncomfortable because he's a young good looking man.... but he is so smart and so calm and genuinely interested in me and my pregnancy that I had no further qualms about it.

Lee was able to come with me for the first 30 minute or so of the appointment to go over my history and concerns and questions but he left before the actual physical exam because he had to go rotate with his group and unfortunately when Dr. Wagstaff returned to the room he was like "Where's Lee?!  I was gonna do a quick ultrasound!"
We didn't think we'd be getting one until 12 weeks, but Dr. Wagstaff sensed my nervousness and pulled it out and I told him to do one anyway without Lee there.  I HAD TO KNOW.
And there on the screen I saw our itty bitty little one with a strong flashing heartbeat.  I was so relieved that I didn't have time to feel much else.  I left the office practically skipping to the lab to give blood.
Everyone was so nice they were all congratulating me and asking me if I was excited.  It was strange because this was the first time I had discussed my pregnancy with anyone other than Lee and so I was like looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn't know any of the med students or nurses around.

I had planned to have my mom here this weekend so that she would be here regardless of the news we received from the doctor, but she was unable to make it and I just couldn't tell her over the phone.
We're going to see my parents next weekend at a family reunion so we're planning on stealing them away for a few minutes alone and breaking the news!
Finally some people to let in on our news!! and shortly following whenever the time is right we're going to tell Lee's parents.

We've basically been on cloud 9 this entire weekend.  Talking about the baby non stop and picking out names and ideas.  We even went to Babies R Us after church today just to look around at all  things baby.  We quickly felt overwhelmed among the 15 different models of jogging strollers and the latest technology in baby swings. eesh.
Lee and I are so happy and giddy. 
And if the rest of my pregnancy goes as well as the first 9 weeks has, I can see many, many more Coghill babies in our future.

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Amber said...

Babies R Us is SO overwhelming at first! I'm glad you were able to talk to the nurses and doctors about being pregnant. They were the first ones other than Josh I got to talk to and it was so nice. :)


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