Thursday, August 8, 2013

Step 2 - DONE

So basically....

Step 2 CS - Lee kicked butt
and Step 2 CK - he took names.

He got his score back this week and I received the following message:

Got my ck score back. I got a XXX!!!!
Please don't tell a soul.

Haha oh that Lee. he thinks that I'm going to like blog to the world our personal business or something.

His main concern with this exam was showing improvement since Step 1, which was going to be difficult because he did really well on Step 1, but they want to see that you've learned more since then and that it wasn't a fluke or something.  And for some reason, I was actually slightly concerned.  Oh ye of little faith.
Lee worked his butt off for this test and I am so, so proud of him! 

So this is all very good news and a weight the size of Florida has been lifted off my shoulders because this should now mean that he should be able to get a residency where he wants, and I really want Florida... therefore Lee wants Florida.

Warm weather, blue skies, fruit trees, palm trees, beach, ocean, sun.
yes. that is the life for me.

7 months until we find out our residency location!  All I want is south of the Ohio River. for reals.
I can't hang with another (after this one) Michigan winter. 
and get me out of Detroit ASAP.

In other news, everything else is still the same. 
I'm about to finish my 8th class for grad school.  How is that even possible?! 
It sucks majorly and I've been doing a ton of work for it.  It will be worth it in the end, right?
That's what they've said about medical school..... I almost sort of kinda believe them.
Now that there is an end in sight.
6 months and my Lee is a doctor.

he's been doing tons of awesome stuff at the hospital and if I was allowed to tell you all about it I would. and if it wasn't midnight and I wasn't avoiding homework and I hadn't been up since 5:30am I'd tell you more too. 

I need to do some more posts about the other things going on in life soon too, but for now school consumes us as usual.
the end.

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