Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eastern Market

One of the first "group outings" I did in Grenada was visit the Spice Market downtown St. George's...and one of the first things I did with a group from church was visit the huge farmers market downtown Detroit known as Eastern Market.

It was really neat, unlike being in Detroit for sure.
I'm starting to think that maybe this city very, very slightly gets a worse rap than it deserves. (yes I totally goggled "bad rap" to see if that was the correct word or if it was "bad wrap")
I'm not saying it's a safe place to walk around at night.... but it's not all bad... right?

It was huge too. huge.
more produce and plants than I've probably ever seen at one time.
and lots of free samples :)

There were people selling specialty cheeses, jellies, organics, fish, jewelry, and lots lots more.

It is held every Saturday - all year round!  How cool is that?? I doubt it's a place I'll want to be going come winter... but maybe it's cool at Christmas?

My finds of the day:

House plants for $1!!! such a great deal!! I love to have plants around the house!!
and I found a little something for Lee too - he loves it!


Kensi said...

this looks awesome! I can't wait! how did the jelly taste?

Tammy said...

Hi Kelsey.. I live in Michigan, but am going to Grenada for the two year stint..

The Eastern Market is really actually very great in the winter time. It's a little cold- but they do have some of the Sheds closed with heat going, so it works well. But, in all reality, it's lovely in the winter. And slightly less crowded.


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