Thursday, December 1, 2011

Get up, pack it in, let me begin

jump jump jump!

You know how when you get a group of friends together and the only logical next idea for a picture is to jump? that happened to Amber and I about every single day she was here.

Only problem is... I legitimately cannot jump. Ask Lee.
Stephanie may have said something like "is that really the best you can do?!" hahaha coming from the gymnast who can still do a perfect toe touch a million knee surgeries later!


Ann said...

You mean you photo-shopped all your jump pics? Awwwww, man! You had me goin' there. Haha. Still, looks like a lot of fun! :D

Amber said...

Haha someone was asking me how we got so high off the ground and I was like "it's all an illusion." I love how when we tuck our knees under it looks like we jump a million miles in the air!


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