Friday, November 25, 2011


I'm trying really hard to be thankful this holiday season for all the blessings in my life but I find myself feeling guilty.
I'm getting ready to head back to America, land of plenty and excess, and leave behind all these people in Grenada that I love.  My kids at Limes and the orphanages will still be here, living their lives exactly the same, while I'm off getting a job, furnishing a house, buying a car, eating out at restaurants, and basically being able to afford anything that I need in the future.
I am so thankful for my experience in Grenada and that I have seen how other people live.  No more keeping up with the Jones', not that Lee and I ever lived our lives like that, but even more so now we know what is important... and it's not things.

I know what you're thinking "but Kelsey you love things and your house is full of things"
yes....I may shop at Goodwill and yard sales.... I may still go through other people's trash and dumpster dive.... ok actually scratch the may, I will do these things.
But but I will never again lust over something in a store or feel envious of my friend's cool cell phone or designer purse.
That's crazy.
And remind me to re-read this post over and over again.

Keeping in touch with these kids is my #1 goal.  I can't let them forget me! haha. and not just for selfish reasons, I really want to help them.  I want to be apart of their lives.  I want to send them to college.  I want to know when they get their first job and start families.  I want to come visit in a couple years and be able to pick right back up where we left off. 

I am thankful that Lee and I came to Grenada rather than getting jobs right out of college and buying a house and starting a family and getting complacent with our lives.  I sort of like that we're up to our eyeballs in debt and are homeless.  It's shaping our character, softening our hearts, and making us lean on God all the more.
I want a baby so badly.... but I know that this waiting period is only increasing the love that I will have for a child.  I think that by knowing what it is like to want a baby and not have one will make me love and appreciate that baby when I finally get it all the more.  And I don't even mean a biological child... I don't have that crazy urge for my own baby even.  My "uterus isn't doing flip flops" as a friend once asked me. haha.  But my heart is squeezed every time I get a hug from one of the precious babies at Limes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Ann said...

OMG, Kelsey! I am so impressed with how this experience has affected you! I'm sure you will never be the same because of it!!! I'm kinda sad that you soon won't be posting these amazing pictures of these kids!! I have so enjoyed hearing your stories, too! I hope you keep posting a blog, though! There are so many exciting times I have a feeling you will have in the U.S.!


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