Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Patrick the blind man.

I must blog about this before I forget... and lose the memory forever.

There is man who walks around Grand Anse, Patrick - if you've spent any time here you know him.
He is blind and is always asking for money.  Well he is mostly blind, I think he can see a bit.
He isn't the most polite or gracious man to say the least.  He's yelled at me and been very rude to me plenty of times.. but I still like to give him food whenever I have it.

Yesterday Amber, Alfonso, and I were hanging out on Grand Anse Beach and I saw Patrick coming.
I had an extra peanut butter and jelly sandwich left from lunch and I said oh I'll give him my sandwich!
So I went off to get it and said "Hi!  I have a sandwich  for you" he said "put it on my bag." so I did.

About 10 minutes later we're off playing in the water and I hear Patrick yelling "HEY! HEY! Where is my sandwich!  What did you do with my sandwich!  Don't you know I'm blind!!!"

It was the funniest thing I have ever heard.  Maybe you had to be there or maybe you have to know Patrick... but it was so funny. 
I went up to him on the beach and said it's right here in your bag sir and he said "I AM BLIND" as if I didn't already know this.  And I said yes I know, you told me to put it in your bag.  and he kept repeating "Don't you know I am blind girl?!" so I unzipped his bag and handed him the sandwich and he kept mumbling about me.... no thank you or anything.
Patrick may not be getting many more peanut butter sandwiches.


Ann said...

Haha! He must have a very short memory, too! Or maybe he was hoping you would give him another sandwich, if he was persistent! Either way, that was very thoughtful of you! Hope you have a fun-filled Thanksgiving Day!(Your last one in Grenada!)What are you planning to eat? Do they have turkey available there!
God Bless!, Ann

Amber said...

"It was a trick! There was no sandwich!" lol omg all of that morning was hilarious!


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