Tuesday, November 1, 2011

in 15 years...

Today I picked up some donations for REACH Grenada from a former professor at SGU.  She taught here when the school opened in 1977.  Can you imagine the leap of faith it took to move to such a place.  The unknown?  I thought moving here in 2010 was crazy.
She told me some great stories about when the school was mostly located on Grand Anse Beach and the lecture hall was an open air pavilion and locals would randomly stop by to listen.  There was only one TV and her kids and about 100 others would gather around it to watch videos friends from home sent down taped off American TV.  Saturday Night Live was a favorite.
She talked about how there was no Subway, KFC, Ace Hardware, or IGA.

She said that while life was simpler and much less "Americanized" the poverty was even greater.  Things have improved in recent years and the quality of life in Grenada is improving.
I found that to be very encouraging.  Things are getting better.  When I come back to visit in 30 years I hope I can say the same.

On Friday WIM held their bi-annual luncheon for the students at PAM, the Programme for Adolescent Mothers, and they talked a lot about goals and where you see yourself in the next 5,10,15 years.
Here is my picture I drew to share with my group about my next 15 years -

I just remembered that I have a web-cam the other day!
It may be the worst camera in the history of cameras, but I have one!
 In 15 years I hope that Lee is a doctor finally.  I will be a social worker or working with children, families, or those living in poverty in some capacity.  We still have a wonderful happy marriage.  We have maybe 1 or 2 biological children and if we are earning enough money to provide for our family and are able I would love to adopt several children.  I want to adopt children in America {or Grenada ;)} I think it's great that people are adopting more and more, but there are sooooooo many kids in America right now sitting in foster care that need a family to love.  I  made the mistake started following Bethany Christian Adoption Services on Facebook and every single day my heart is being pulled towards these precious children. 
I also drew a globe and put a star over Grenada.  I want to travel all over the world and I know there are many places in greater need than Grenada... but I love it here and it does hold a special place in my heart and I hope to return often to this island and bring back supplies to future volunteers and continue to be a part of the lives of those I know now.  My wish is to be able to send all these Limes kids to college.  Wouldn't that be awesome?  I tell them that too.  I say, someday when you want to go to college remember Miss Kelsey and let me know and I will help you.... because hopefully in 10ish years I will have some money to do such things. and college is cheap here. as long as they don't want to go to medical school...... haha.
The issue is just staying connected.  That is why I must return.  Every year!  That is my goal. 
It will be hard, especially in the next couple years when we have 0 dollars, but I'll figure that out. 

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