Thursday, November 3, 2011

Grenada Friends

I did a post a couple months ago with links to some new some new people I had met in Grenada's blogs but now it is like everyone I know has a blog!  I can't keep up!
If I'm leaving anyone out please let me know and they will be added to the list :)
A list of all the SOs of SGU can be found on the right hand side - including some now in clinicals like Marisa - who shares some great info and her fiance is currently interviewing for residency! exciting!

Laura -
Laura -
Jessie -
Kat -
Nicole -
Cat -
Holly -
Marieke -
Emily -
Natalie -
Taylor -
Sarah -


Marisa said...

Thanks, Kelsey!

Cat Alford said...

Thank you for the link

Holly said...

Thanks Kelsey for the link! You're so sweet! (I guess I should get back to blogging now then, huh?) :)


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