Monday, October 24, 2011


I had 4 males tell me they loved me this week.

1. My husband
2. My dad
3. The little boy I babysit said it to me out loud for the first time this week.  I get it a lot on homemade cards and he's hinted... but the other night he was going to sleep and hugged me really tight and said "I love you Kelsey, you're my best friend.... friend that is a girl".  haha. I'll take it.  It made me a little teary because I'll miss this little one a lot when I'm gone in December.
4.  A boy swimming at the beach.  This story is why I did this post, b/c I don't want to forget about little things like this that make me laugh. 
I was swimming at Pandy Beach looking for sea glass (what else?) and there were a group of pre-teen/teenage boys by me.  I had enlisted their help to find me the elusive pink sea glass.  I had on my snorkel mask (super attractive) and was just about to go underwater & one of the boys shouted "Miss! Miss! I... I love you!"  I came up and said "you love me? you don't even know me!" and he said "I just met you and I know that I love you.  I love your long hair."  I asked how old he was and he said "Fort.... sixteen!" haha and I said I'm sorry I am way too old for you and I'm married! an old married lady!  After he checked my finger for a ring to be sure I wasn't lying he said... "you're not old, you're 20?"  hahaha and then we became friends and I let him borrow my snorkel mask.

Sorry to Lee and Dad you don't have a great story to go along with your love for me this week.  Try harder next time!


Bethany G said...

Lol. This is such a cute post!

Anonymous said...

LOL this is too cute! I'm four-SIXTEEN LOL!

Abigail said...

Awww that's adorable! I love these stories!!! Best way to start a morning! :)!!!!!

(Lest you think I'm overly lazy, it's 8:53 AM, Pacific time)


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