Friday, September 16, 2011

Want a free tour of Grenada?

ok here is how...

Go downtown to renew your Visa (so you can stay in the country) then walk out of the immigration office nonchalantly down the street and when a bus driver honks his horn at you, just hop in that bus.  Assume that it's a #1 bus and will take you to Grand Anse.

About 1 minute into the trip you will realize that, no this in fact is not a #1 bus heading for home, it is a #2 bus heading for St. David's.

Calmly inform the bus conductor that you are an idiot and are on the wrong bus.
He will look at you and ask you a question that you don't understand and you will say "I meant to go to Grand Anse"
Driver and conductor will exchange glances and mumble something.  Assume they understand that you do not want to go to St. David's.

Whiz around the Grenadian country side, get slightly car sick, and enjoy the gorgeous landscape.
See Hog Island, Woburn, a school yard full of colorfully dressed little children, and the Jus Now Bar.

If the driver stops in the middle of absolutely no where and tells you to get out and wait for another bus make sure he understands that you DO NOT want to go to St. David's.
Once it is clear that you are in fact on the WRONG bus and meant to get on a #1 everyone will have a good laugh on your behalf. 
Ask the driver if he will be returning to St. George's at the end of his route and then just get back on the bus and go along for the rest of the ride.

About 45 minutes later the driver will drop you off back in St. George's exactly where he picked you up.
If he feels sorry enough for you he will say "no charge, no worries, find the right bus"

Bam! Free tour!


Kensi said...

hahahaha. nice!

Sarah D said...

:) this made me laugh and I think it's awesome that you put such a positive spin on your extended bus ride!


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