Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crafting in Grenada

It's about time I do this post.
If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where the craft store is Lee and I could pay for medical school!
ok just kidding.... but I could buy more crafting stuff!

I finally took pictures the "craft" stores where I get my supplies!

I found out about the craft store in CK's Super Value one day when a lady asked about my EC Earrings.  I told her I made them myself and she asked if I got the stuff from her store? and I said no, I brought it with me, I didn't know there was a place to buy that stuff here!
She told me where to go, as if it was going to be an easy place to find... and off I went into the city in search of this craft store!
All I knew was it was near First Caribbean Bank. 
Well I didn't know where that was either.  So being the way that I am I wandered around the city for an hour before I asked a police office where it was. 
It is on Church Street.
You know the steep hill with the traffic light you go up to leave the city?  1st Caribbean Bank is on the left hand side at the light.
The craft store is across the street. The sign out front is for a doctor's office.  Go upstairs and go through the door on the left, and then you'll see the store, but you have to go through another door. (easy right?)

The outside of the building
Crafts & Crafts etc.  It's about the size of my closet at home
(ok not really... but it's small)

In this store they sell jewelry making supplies - earring hooks, clasps, wire, beads, etc.  Floral arranging supplies, yarn and knitting tools, felt, hot glue guns, balloons, embroidery floss, and lots more.

If you can't find what you're looking for here you probably want to go to Purcell's.
Purcell's is mainly a fabric & sewing store.  They have pretty much anything you're looking for when it comes to sewing.
My favorite thing here is the vintage buttons!
They also sell a wide variety of ribbon, contact paper, and in the back they sell home wares.
Purcell's is much easier to find.  It is located opposite of the Spice Market!  One block up from the Digicel Store and KFC.


check out all that contact paper!

Other places to keep in mind for crafting purposes:

Ace Hardware & Creative Do It Best Hardware - twine, paint chips, spray paint, and chain.
Bryden and Minor's Stationary Store ( in Spiceland Mall and if you want a bigger selection they have a store by the market in St. George's and on on Lagoon Road, just past Port Louis) - they have lots of art supplies, paint, oil pastels, crayons, colored pencils, scissors,  glue, etc.

If you want some ideas for stuff you can craft in Grenada check out my blog Kelsey Inspired & this list of stuff you can make out of recycled goods!

Happy crafting!

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