Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcoming.Touring. Bazaaring. Socialing.

I haven't been the best blogger lately.  The one thing people who I have met who have read my blog have all said is "I like how often you post" or something to that effect...... and then they all get to Grenada and I'm MIA!  Well here is a whirlwind of the past 2 weeks!

I will blame it partially on my frustration with my camera.... or lack there of. My underwater camera is broken & my cannon is on it's last leg (and after our hike to Concord Falls debacle it may never work again) so I haven't been taking many pictures, but luckily all my friends are new to the island and are picture happy!!
So I will be sharing their images from facebook :)

Last week I took a group of girls downtown St. George's to the market and to a couple other stores that have been helpful to me.  It was a fun, but super hot and sweaty day.

playing tour guide downtown and explaining the Cocoa pod

with some new SOs Myra and Laura
Natalie, Laura, Me, and Adriana in the fish market
We also had our Welcome Back Bazaar on campus last Sunday.  So many new SOs came by to talk and pay dues!  The Bazaar is always a fun time because there is food and music and lots of people buzzing around.

my goal for the term is to make a new SO poster! ha!
our new SO t-shirts designed by the lovely former SO Jackie

Lee and I were BOTH spot on with our weight and won free movie tickets!! Date night soon!

Then I took some new girls over to the conch shell graveyard as I like to call it... and my friend Cat and I had a field day with the tiles!! score!!

totally BFFs... who else would ever drag such a thing home?!  it is now a beautiful door stop
 Then on Saturday we had the first Beach Day of the term with the kids from Bel Air Home!

Lee dumping water on a child... and they love it!
 On Sunday we had our CSA (Christian Student Association) welcome back BBQ!  It was a huge success and we had over 215 people in attendance!!  God is really moving in CSA and it is growing and will hopefully continue to work in the lives of students at SGU!  Lee and I are feeling so blessed and so happy that this term there are a ton of new students and SOs who want to get involved with CSA to move it forward!!

Also on Sunday we had our SO Opening Social!  2 free meals in 1 day! yay! haha
We also had a great turn out of the social - about 110 people!  We even ran out of pizza!  I think everyone had a great time & got to mix & mingle.  I am so happy with the new SO board & the term to come!  I think my last term in Grenada is going to great because of all these wonderful people.... although they may make me really sad to leave.....

we ate as many pizzas as Stephanie is tall!!
As you can see we have been keeping ourselves quite busy and Limes, my art class, and my baby sitting job hasn't even started yet!  And there is still more to come! I must blog about our visit to Queen Elizabeth Home & our adventurous/terrifying hike to Concord Falls. 
soon. pinky promise!

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