Thursday, August 18, 2011

301st post!

I didn't even realize yesterday was my 300th post! boo!
oh well here's to 300 and 1!

Things are getting back into their busy swing around here.  Lee and I have both been attending meetings and spending time returning emails and answering questions.
I asked Lee when he'd be home for dinner & he said well I have this from 10-12, class from 1-5, a meeting for this at 5, then one at 6, and another at 6:30, and I have to meet with my small group for whatever.... so..... yea. never.
But he's been home in the mornings which has been nice.

So far 5th term has been a nice relief from 4th term, but I have a feeling that it's going to get bad again and Lee is going to be studying for the USMLE as well this term.  It never ends.

I'm really excited for the term ahead for myself and the SOs!  We have such a great group of women on the island right now who all seem excited to get involved!  I've tried explaining that we can't  start our after school program until the kids go to school.... haha. they're so gung-ho! I love it.  And once we start 3 consecutive months of Limes is enough to wear anyone out, so let's enjoy this calm before the storm!
We are starting our trips back up to Queen Elizabeth this Monday, I'm excited to see the kids & the progress that has been made on the construction of the home.
Beach Day starts this Saturday as well, with the kids from Bel Air, and I haven't seen them in a long time either!! I'm hoping they bring the babies out and I can just sit under a tree and play :)
And I'm hoping to get involved in a project with PAM, more details about that later.

This term I am also the on-site coordinator with REACH Grenada, on the board for OSO, and leading a women's small group through our church!

I figured I might as well go out with a bang b/c when I get back to the States it'll be work, work, work.


dburlison said...

Well done site-very interesting/informative..


(Feel free to post on our forum)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

300 posts that's awesome! Congrats:-)


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