Tuesday, June 14, 2011

updates in Grenada

just thought I'd do a little blurb about some of the things that are new since I've been in Grenada...
  • There's a pharmacy in Spiceland Mall now. super convenient
  • Subway, New York Bagel, and Nathan's Hotdogs on campus! 
  • New York Bagel being in Grand Anse
  • Umbrella's Restaurant is new 
  • They finally fixed that grate on True Blue road (after making everyone drive around it in the grass for a good 3 weeks) 
  • Texaco grew by about 5 feet.  I think they tore down a wall or something.  They have a little bit more stuff now and a 2nd register 
  • The smoothie place in St. George's moved from the mall to close to the market. a poor decision on their part I think, but rent is probably cheaper.
  • SGU got 3 brand new buses!  superb AC, automatic doors and all.
  • They've also been building... Science Lecture Hall, new super dorm up by the married housing, and new bus stop building by the first roundabout on campus. 
  • and the ice cream store across from our house put up a fence this week. 

1 comment:

Marisa said...

Subway on campus? Lucky. Unless they still think that "ham" means "bacon" like they did at the Subway at the Excel Plaza the first and only time I went. Does NYB actually have meat? Andy loved it but whenever I tried to go there all they had was chicken patties. I'm convinced something else is going on with that place besides being a deli. Did they ever fix the fence by the Maurice Bishop/ True Blue fork/ turnabout?


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