Tuesday, June 7, 2011

back among the living

well... back at the Miami airport.
I didn't hardly get online at all the past 2 weeks. only to briefly check facebook.... I had 145 emails!! yikes!
it was nice to not be online... but I feel overwhelmed about catching up on things.
so many pictures to post, emails to respond to, blogs to write and read. eeesh.

it was a great visit home and I am trying my hardest to not be sad about going back to Grenada...
I miss my husband, but like in America is so easy. so convenient. so comfortable.

I want to cry thinking about sleeping in that uncomfortable bed.
I like my bed, my ac, my big squishy duvet.

but I will be content and enjoy these last 6 months b/c after that out little Grenada adventure is over... it will just seem like a dream....

1 comment:

Abigail said...

Yes enjoy it! I've been super jealous of Cat going to live in Grenada, so know that at least someone wants your Grenada life :) (but I do understand about the conveniences of America).


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