Monday, April 25, 2011

Petit Tabac

after leaving Jamesby Island we stopped by Baradal Island to see the sea turtles!!
It was so cool seeing some many interesting creatures swimming around, I only wish I could have got out of the boat and went swimming with them!  but I was "working"

Petit Tabac is a small, flat, island with nothing on it but a few palm trees and scrubby bushes.
The far end is all sand and gradually goes to a point before going meeting the water on both sides.
** It was just brought to my attention that this is the deserted island that Johnny Depp is marooned on in the Pirates of the Caribbean!!  I had heard that they filmed around there, but I forgot to look it up when I got home. so cool!! article about it

Here I had to walk back and forth pretending to be listening to an ipod.
and then it rained off in the distance and so we sat around and talked, and drank coke out of glass bottles, and peed in the bushes... then the sun came out & it was back to work!

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Anonymous said...


I don't know if you have seen Pirates of the Caribbean, but I believe petit tabac is an island that they shot scenes on when Johnny Depp is stranded on and island in the first movie!


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