Saturday, April 23, 2011

12 seater plane.... shotgun!!

whoa whoa whoa whoa.
why did it take me 24 years to get to St. Vincent and the Tobago Cays??
it was the most beautiful place I've ever been!!

For my previously mentioned modeling gig I flew into Union Island and was wisked away by speed boat to the Cays for the 1st day.

I think I'll split this up into a couple different posts because I took 522 pictures and it was like a week's worth of events jammed into 2 days. 

To get there we flew SVG airlines, a tiny little charter plane that only seated about 12.  It was a full plane and so they sat me in the front with the pilot!!
Co-pilot Kelsey! 
I was not asked any security questions, no instructions of things to not touch, nothing.
How did they know I wasn't completely crazy and impulsive........ (no comments, LEE)
I could have crashed this plane in 3 seconds stat.
Thankfully I used some restraint and didn't push all those shiny buttons, switches, and knobs.
I had an INCREDIBLE [and scary] "birdseye" view.

 flying into Union Island! beautiful!!

Coming up next, Day 1 in the Tobago Cays!!

1 comment: said...

Kelsey, I am just in awe!!!!! The front seat with the pilot?!?!? What an INCREDIBLE experience!!! Such a blessing!!! I mean, when will you ever get an experience like that again? Maybe never. Were you so scared? I was like omg I hope she trusts these people! I hope they don't sell her into slavery! I hope they are legit! I was like a mom over here checking up on your fb to make sure you got back! lol


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