Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have fish to fry...

ok I don't have fish to fry.  I don't eat fish...
but I am a big nerd and looked up a synonym for busy! haha
other favorites include - too many irons in the fire, up to one's ears, assiduous, and in someone else's possession.
I have been engrossed in life.
too busy to blog.

I don't want to just rush over things, but I did want to update.

Valentine's Day was hectic for me.  I have 7 gift baskets/flowers to make and deliver.  eesh. the  things I get myself into! and we went to visit the kids at QE.
and I babysat for a friend and her husband because mine was too engrossed in his studies to celebrate the day of love with me.  ok not really.  we could have done something, but I wanted to let my friend Amy have a nice night out and Lee and I are going out Friday night totally free of school woes because he has in finals for 3rd term FRIDAY!
3rd term flew by much too fast. 
and 4th term is death. or so I've heard.

Lee did make me breakfast on Valentine's Day :)
I made him a gift basket and he ate 2 candy bars, drank a can of pop, and ate some of the Pringles within 30 minutes of receiving it.
we are so different.
I like to look at things and revel in the fact that I have candy and pop and chips... I eat it slowly.  I could take me weeks to devour such a gift basket. 
but not my boy... 1 day tops. and I love him and he can do whatever he wants..... even eat his cereal with a big spoon (which irks me to no end)

Yesterday of course I was slaving away for 10 hours on a 12 million dollar yacht.  I'm not one to throw around price tags (unless of course it cost less than $5! and I'll let you know about my great deal!)  but yes.... I was enjoying the life of luxury and getting PAID!
I was so graciously asked to MODEL on a yacht!
unfortunately I only had about 4 days of notice and was much further from being bikini ready than I would have liked... (at least the first place you gain is you know where... )  but who am I to pass on such an opportunity for vanity!  That's why God created photoshop! 

I want to dedicate an entire post to this because it was absolutely incredible!!

So life in Grenada continues to prove adventurous one day after another... and the supposed dry season has forgotten to show up.  It has rained so much!! But I am going to try to not complain because last year's drought was absolutely horrible!  I enjoy flushing my toilet and taking long showers thanks!

Today we had a lunch and recipe exchange (turned out great!) and Limes and I tried to finish the book for book club.... and gave up and watched the movie instead.  oops.

Tomorrow is proving to be just as crazy!  I have to go to the store at 8am to get ingredients to make something for the bake sale tomorrow and to make another gift basket!!!
then Limes. then kickboxing class. then book club.
and I'll have to eat and feed Lee in there somewhere.

Here's to living life to the fullest!


Amber said...

ha this is exactly ho I feel...minus the yacht, modeling, and adorable kids that you work with. mainly the busy part and living life to the fullest :)

Lea Liz said...

I saw your fb yacht pictures and they were amazing!! How awesome!! You sound so busy girl!!!

Your new header is adorable, I love it! You have got to teach me, haha! Also how did you get your blog layout to have different pages, like the about me and stuff? I have wanted to do mine like that!

Emily said...

I still have my reese peanut butter cups and reese pieces that I got in my stocking. I am the same way and my husband is the same was at Lee! And...Pat eats his cereal with a big spoon, too!


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