Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Carenage

Today I went downtown to do some shopping and turns out that 3 cruise ships were in port today! 
So the number of cruisers probably outweighed the number of locals in town today :)

I had a fabulous day playing tourist!  No one bothered me much because there were busy with the literally thousands of other white people with cameras walking around.
I did however get my bus fair paid for by a nice man.  We had a nice conversation on the way into town & he was well informed that I was married and paid for me when he got off, so I said... whatever go for it & put my $2.50 back in my pocket.

I bought what I needed and walked through the tunnel to the Carenage to see the ship that was docked there.  There were two larger ships docked at the main port.  The main port is connected to the Esplande Mall.  It was built by the Dutch after Hurricane Ivan in 04.  The cruisers that got off at the Carenage got a much different first view of Grenada, a preferable one if you ask me.  Rather than seeing Duty Free shops and overpriced, made in China souvenirs when they stepped off board they were greeted with the beautiful, picturesque Carenage.

I walked around and snapped a few picture before hopping on another bus to to head home.  one I unfortunately had to pay for.

St. George's decked out for Independence Day!

Happy face! 

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TiffanyClark said...

The post in finally up if you want to link it to your blog!
Sorry it took me so long to put the pictures up and such, we had stuff going on tonight and I had to wait until I got home tonight. Love you!!! So glad you shared your wedding on my blog!


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