Sunday, January 23, 2011

thank you Mom!

I feel like a real dummy.

I've been struggling with baking chocolate chip cookies for a while.
They kind of melt in the oven & stick to the sheet & don't stay in nice clumps.

I can make peanut butter & sugar cookies ok.
but the chocolate chip are always a disaster.

I had been blaming myself, the oven, the butter, the sugar, the everything...
and I found out it's the brown sugar.
I'm not actually using brown sugar.  Doh!

I was complaining about my recent failure of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
and I said it's weird... the brown sugar here is just like white sugar, it's grainy. it doesn't pack.
and my Mom says.... oohhh honey. you're probably not using brown sugar. it's probably regular sugar that isn't bleached.

No wonder it's different! no wonder there is different brown sugar on the bottom shelf that costs more... it's the REAL brown sugar...
apparently brown sugar is white sugar and molasses mixed.

am I the only one that this is a new realization to???

tomorrow I am off to IGA to either buy molassas or the bottom shelf brown sugar.

I'll let you know how my next attempt at cookies goes, wish me luck!


Amber said...

Ha I had NO idea. Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

You ARE a dummy, ha! Brown sugar there is more $$? I pay more here for unbleached go figure! FWIW, unbleached sugar is better, just like anything else that isn't bleached. I try to stay away from anything bleached.. coffee filters, sugar, flour, paper towls, maxi pads... serious.

Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

ha ha I could see myself doing the same thing, who knew! Good luck!


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