Friday, January 21, 2011

results are in...

don't ever get a fungal infection on your skin. 
I'll move to Canada if I can avoid this heat/humidity related infection forever.  (Lee's been pushing this thought lately)

I went to pick up my blood test results today.  I waited a half hour (when I thought it was just going to be a hey you're fine here's your script for a pill bing bam boom)
I had a meeting at 11 and was assured I'd be done in time.... not so much.
I was finally called back by the nurse at 10:45 and he had just enough time to tell me my blood test was a bit abnormal & I'd have to wait to see the Dr.
I said I had to leave for a meeting but I'd be right back to see the Dr.

While in said meeting(s) I of course completely freaked myself out and convinced myself I had leukemia or some other horrible disease...

I went to wait for Lee outside of his lecture and made him go back to the Dr. with me b/c if I was dying I wanted my husband there with me.
turns out it wasn't that big of a deal.
My lymphocytes are high & something else was low... but could be just because I have a little infection somewhere or sickness my body is fighting off (dag-on nurse for making me worry)
My liver function is perfect & my iron is good & I'm not pregnant.

that is until I get to the pharmacy to get the pills (that I have to take everyday for 3 MONTHS)
and the girl behind the counter looks at me and says "Do you have enough money for this with you today?" ummmmm I hope so..... "$331 per month"
and I need 3 months. that's $1000EC - $400US
for some fungus medicine.

and to get a blood test you pay per thing they test.... so that cost $135EC.
the appointment was $50
the cream I've been putting on my skin was $20.

don't ever get a fungal infection.
not only is it expensive................... it lasts for months!


Amanda said...

Oh, Kels, that is awful. Sorry they scared you like that, that couldn't have been a good feeling. Is there anything OTC that I can send you from the States that will help and be cheaper?

Chelle & My boys said...

Kelsey what med is it? I can have my dr write it get it on my insurance plan it will cost 4.00 and send it to you.. you poor thing. miss you and love you


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