Saturday, January 29, 2011


do you ever feel like people do things to personally annoy you?
I swear I'm the victim at least once a week.
all my facebook friends get together and plan operation annoy Kelsey
& it always happens when I have no one to talk to but my blog.  They wait until Lee is asleep or gone & none of my friends are on skype.

I really think that some people comment on certain things because they know that I will see it & it will annoy me.  hahahaha or at least they should! its so obvious to me that their comment served no purpose in this world other than making me roll my eyes.


allowing bad pictures, stupid posts, spam, etc to stay on your profile.  It is so easy to untag or delete something. 

overall trashiness. no need for that to be all over facebook.  don't you have a job? or a mother?  they can see that.  & so can the government. you know they're watching.  

and the people who want to be a little bit trashy, but aren't, but still want to look bad on facebook so they take pictures of themselves drinking.  mvnu graduates are serial offenders of this.  oooooo look at me I graduated & now I do what I want so whenever I go out to eat I make sure that beer bottle or wine glass is in the frame so all my friends can see how cool I became after graduation.
loser.  if you really were cool,  you wouldn't be trying so hard.

pretending you love something you don't.  people who say they love their boy/girlfriend when everyone knows they're a jerk, but the girl/boy wants to keep up appearances so they're plaster their fb with stuff about how lucky they are.  you're not fooling me. 
in contrast to that.... please stop hating everything in your life.  it's not that bad & if it is do something about it!!

and I don't want to hear about your extravagance & wastefulness. You're impressing no one.

grammar. I'll admit I am no scholar of the English language.  In 7th grade I won the English award for my entire 7th grade class & as the teacher announced my name in front of the whole school she said "Kelsey may have no clue about the difference between a verb and an adjective, but she sure can write!"  How do you possibly graduate high middle school without knowing very, very basic grammar and spelling.  If you really, honestly have an issue with spelling do yourself a great favor and download Mozilla Firefox, it has a built in spell checker.

I apparently also know a lot of desperate people.  desperate for attention, love, money.  and we can all tell (well I can) how desperate you are.  stop doing all those little things & just live your life. 

wow.  I am so glad that my life is so perfect and put together that I can offer such great advice! I should be charging for this!
I'm sure I annoy my fair share of people, probably more than I think! 
hopefully the ones who annoy me.

I bet this post was uber annoying. 
(kinda like the word uber) 

so no need to comment and tell me
because that would just start the cycle over again...

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Emily said...

Speaking of Facebook, we have a mutual friend on there! I grew up with Jennifer Fraley who went to MVNU and you showed up on her friends list! Small world...

BTW, I love your new profile. I've been absent from the blogging world (or perhaps the world in general) for the last few weeks and love the new look.


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