Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have realized the just because you love children and enjoy spending time with them, helping and having fun .... you do not have to want to be a teacher.
ugh. teaching
no thank-you!

I do an after school program but I do not enjoy the ''teaching''

I do not poses the skills to make a large group of children behave and want to learn (although I doubt they're sticking teachers in a classroom with 40kids at a time) and the majority of my experience is with Grenadian children, which anyone who has been here can attest that it's a whole different game.

I also have no patience.  There is a girl at Queen Elizabeth Home that I help with her writing every single week.... bless this little child's heart. she cannot write. she doesn't want to try. and the thought of having a pencil in her hand and writing the number 2 literally makes her cry and flop around in her chair.
I am not the person to deal with this.  I'll admit it makes me extremely frustrated to watch an almost  7 year old cry about writing.  I don't think that she has a learning disability exactly... she is fully capable and usually after about a half hour of persuading and threatening to go get "miss" (the ladies who work at the home) she will write a perfect number 2.

I'd rather play games, eat cookies, and draw pictures any day.

I always enjoyed teaching my nieces things (especially how to walk, lol) but I think that is because they were eager learners (most of them)  it's so much easier to teach a kid who is curious and wants to learn.. 

so yea.  I don't really know how it came about that I am the "leader" of this after school program and supposedly capable of having patience and teaching kids.

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