Friday, December 3, 2010

excuse me, your brights are on

everyone in Grenada drives with their brights on
even when it's not necessary, like on a well lit road
and they could care less about the cars coming at them because they have on their brights too.
lets play everyone blind everyone.

men like to hiss at women
"are you seriously hissing at me?  do you think that is going to make me like you??"

and they like to pee
where ever they are when the need strikes them
must be great for the ole prostate to not hold it in
my favorite is when a guy says hi or hisses and then proceeds to turn and pee against the wall 5 foot away.... really?

today a man asked me for a glass of water as I was walking up to my house.
it was hot and he was holding a machete and was sweating, obviously he had been working... so I felt sorry for him and sent Lee down with a glass of water. 
turns out he was working for our neighbor.....
cutting their yard.
why didn't he ask them for a glass of water??

these are the things that puzzle me, and yet it's better to not question. 
This is Grenada.

1 comment:

amber said...

people were always asking me for water at my old apartment b/c we were right by that hill near food fair and they were always working out there. i used to hide in my bedroom where they couldn't see me b/c they would get so mean about it!

miss you!


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