Monday, November 1, 2010

very bad, no good, rotten day

ok so there was SOME good today.
but Lee has granted me the ENTIRE day to complain and be upset and be angry.

#1. I am so angry with the SGU bus drivers.  how do these people have jobs? they do what they want, when they want, with no courtesy of anyone else.
I will be emailing the busing coordinator today after a Lance Aux Epines bus picked me up from campus, lead me to believe he was going to be driving me TO LAE because after all that is what the bus said.... we get to Texaco and he announces he is going to Grand Anse. shift change.
I was so angry. so angry. I'm like you let me get on this bus fulling thinking that you would be driving me home to LAE. only to stop at the Texaco, like a mile from my house to make me either walk, or wait 30 minutes for the next bus in a less than desirable neighborhood for a girl. and I wasn't the only one! and other people live much much further into LAE than me. I ended up walking b/c I had to go home to change for limes & would have been late.
Why would he even go back to campus if he knew his shift was over?
I was in a bad mood so it didn't help.

#2.  someone STOLE from my friend Adriana at Limes today.  took her camera, wallet, and ipod headphones.  I have a hard time believing it was one of our kids from Limes, especially today there weren't that many kids, around 20, and they were all the good kids.  The local school's soccer team was practicing in our field today though... a lot of boys I didn't know or recognize, but I don't think they came around us at all... I'm so upset and confused.
As if we don't have a hard enough time getting volunteers to come to Limes, now this is the worst publicity ever b/c it's already all over facebook..... but there were only 3 of us there today! Amber, Adriana, and I.... if there were more people helping we would be able to watch the kids better.  But now who is going to want to come volunteer with us if they think they're going to get robbed? UGH.
double UGH.  I just wish people understood how needy these kids are and how necessary a program like this is :( 
I even sent out an email last week begging people to come to Limes to help us and no one showed up today.  too busy at the pool.
that was mean. but I'm in a bad mood & allowed to be!

#3.  Amber is leaving Saturday.  My best Grenada friend is leaving me!! uuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhh.  I am never again making friends with someone who will be leaving before me.  It is no fun. and this means one less volunteer. less awesome paparazzi photos. less fun.

#4.  that other thing.

Lee just told me I could have all day tomorrow too.  24 more hours of anger & misery coming up!
but really, who could be that miserable with such a smart, adorable, giving husband like him.
:) love you Lee so much.


Amber said...

aw, hate days like that. maybe get a smoothie? or two?

Kensi said...

aw Kelsey, I am so sorry that you had such a rotten day! I really would help out if Limes if I didn't have the kids at that time of day! Hope the rest of your week is brighter than today. If you wanna ride to the grocery store friday morning, let me know! :-D

Amanda said...

Well that does sound like a rotten day. That's terrible about your friend's belongings. How will she get her ID and stuff remade in Grenada? Do they have an Embassy type place?

Put on some Christmas music and make a pumpkin pie, you'll feel better. :)

Amber said...

KELSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( i'm sorry you have been having such bad days and that i am part of the reason. :( i will miss you SO SO MUCH but i will mail you things and we will get josh to give the wallet back. stupid josh. not my josh. limes josh. i'm so mad.


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