Thursday, November 4, 2010

sea finds

I'm really, really good at finding stuff in the ocean.

2 pairs of designer sunglasses speak for themselves :)
honest. i found ray bans and miu miu sunglasses BOTH in the ocean on separate occasions.

I've also found a star fish, loads of cool shells, sand dollars, sea urchin skeletons.... plastic bags, beer bottles you know.

My very favorite things are sea fans
now. you can't take sea fans from the ocean.... apparently they take years and years to grow.... but it's not my fault it one washes up on shore.
the best time to look for a sea fan is after a storm and rough waves,  they break off and come to shore looking for a new home on my shelf.

yesterday Amber is actually the one who spotted the sea fan & I'm so glad she did!  I love it!
and I have a HUGE new conch shell that is now my door stop.

happy snorkeling!


Amanda said...

Wow, those are all amazing. Great treasures to keep forever and remind you of Grenada. You better throw out some clothes to make room for those when you move back to the U.S.

I had "sea fans" from our last visit to Puerto Rico, I didn't know what they were and when we moved they must have gotten thrown away. :(

C said...

Fabulous treasures! I love finding the fun things that nature provides. Wow, that sounded very cheesy, but you catch my drift.

(Found you on 20sb, btw.)


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