Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have been so busy I've let my blog get away from me!! ah! I have so much to write about...
I think I'll start with the LIMES SHOE GIVEAWAY!!!

It was a huge success and actually tomorrow we will be having sort of a shoe giveaway take 2!  Several kids came out of the woodwork that I recognized but didn't have on our roster for class.... and we had money left over from the donation from CSA so I went and bought some more shoes!!
We gave away about 80 pair on Wednesday and probably have another 20 pair to giveaway this week!!

Each child got two pairs of shoes, school shoes and a flip flop or croc!!

I fortunately met the extremely nice owner of Suchi Enterprises downtown who gave me 12 pairs of shoes for free!!! I was buying so many and he wanted to give me a discount.  It was so nice.  The store is on Gore street just to the right of the market, so go there if you need any shoes :)

Also! Lee was able to get pizza donated to us!! FREE pizza for all the kids!! It was awesome!  They were so happy!  (There was a huge pizza fiasco with our Limes beach day, which I just realized I never wrote about either! I'm so behind!)  So thank you to Glovers for the free pizza!!

ok so now for pictures of the happiest kids ever!

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Pink Stilettos said...

Wow what a great thing you have done! I am so inspired by this :) Thanks for sharing this post! xoxo
Pink Stilettos


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