Sunday, November 28, 2010

Limes Beach Day

I never told you about beach day.
and what a disaster it nearly was.

It is really fun to take the kids to the beach because even though they live so close they don't really get to go to the beach to swim and play very often.  They were soooo excited when I announced beach day & were on their best behaviors leading up :)

so the day started out raining buckets

We walked to the beach from the Limes field mostly successfully.... only a little rain and black clouds looming over.

Once we arrived to our destination we found that they were tearing down the structure we wanted to use for lunch.... marvelous.  It was an old restaurant on the Grand Anse campus, but instead there was caution tape and sledge hammers.

We only have 5 people show up to help... 5 adults and 36 kids swimming in the ocean. not ideal... especially since none of us are teachers or trained to handle children, but it was ok.  We had Lee, our lifeguard to watch the kids in the water.. which thankfully we did because a STING RAY swam up on shore really close to the kids and Lee saved the day!!  I looked up and saw people running and Lee tossing kids out of the way.  It was scary.

and in other animal issues.... we had one of the kids bring their dog with them to the beach and it was a BAD DOG. he actually bit a woman on the beach!!  I told the boy he had to take the dog home and he started crying and didn't want to miss out on the beach or lunch... and he saddly walked away... but apparently somewhere along the way he got the idea to tie the dog up instead and produced this:

it was so funny and creative that I had to let him stay :)

and then it was lunch time... dun dun dun
I had gone to a restaurant in the Spiceland Mall a couple days before to ask about ordering pizza for the kids because I knew they didn't get it very often.  I verified how much it would cost & how many slices were in each pizza.  Saturday morning I went back to Grand Cafe and placed the order and paid.  Well... when I went back at noon to pick up the pizza it wasn't there.  The girls who work there looked funny when I walked up & said "Our boss came and told us not to make it"
He said not to make it because you didn't order a topping for the pizza....
What? I ordered 7 pizzas
yea... but you didn't order a topping
I asked you two days in advance.  I've already paid you!
yea....but our boss said...
I have 40 hungry kids waiting for lunch!!  If I had known I had to order a topping I would have!!!
can you make them now??
uh. no.

and I went crying to IGA and bought bread and peanut butter to feed the kids...
I was so sad and disappointed I didn't get them pizza.  (But Lee has since made up for that by getting Glovers to donate pizza for the Limes giveaway & he actually went and tried to talk to the Grand Cafe manager and he was a huge jerk to him!)

So as you can tell we had lots and lots of issues with beach day... but in the end it turned out ok.  The kids were happy and that's all that matters.


Lea Liz said...

Hey Kelsey!
I saw on your fbook about your blog and had to come check it out!! I love to blog, I am addicted!!!! Not sure if you remember me but I was friends of Kristen and Michelles and always felt like I knew you since you all are best friends!

I love all of your Greneda pictures, just beautiful! Love the blog picture at top!!
I am now following! My blog is..

TiffanyClark said...

Kels, I love love love the new background! And I'm so mad/sad about the pizza fiasco but I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband who loves these sweet little kids as much as you do! I miss you tons!


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