Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yay Lee!

I need to update more often. shorter posts. more frequently.
that is the goal for this week. but probably not this post. lol

Saturday night Lee was inducted into IEA (Iota Epsilon Alpha) which is the international honor society of medical students!!  I'm so proud of him!! There were only a few people from his class who made it because to get in from first term you have to have a 4.0 and then in later terms you can be accepted with a 3.5.
They had a dinner for the inductees at the University Club, I however was the ONLY spouse. haha, oh well.  and they specifically said on the invitation the dinner was "business casual" just curious, but what does business casual mean to you?? b/c Lee and I have very different opinions I found out....
to me it means...... no tie. no need for high heels. and you can wear a cotton dress.... lol. or pants if you want.
well lets just say several other people showed up prepared to either go to a club or a black tie affair. haha.
whatever.  I wore a BRIGHT pink flowered cotton dress and flat sandals.  I had an awesome outfit picked out & changed my mind when I read the business casual thing, I didn't want to be the only one dressed up.

They told us to arrive at 6.  Well there was only a bus at 5 and a bus at 6, so we took the 5 o'clock bus up and went out on a cliff and watched the sunset (b/c the sun really does set that early) and took some pictures and walked back to the club around 6.... wellllllllll dinner wasn't served until after 8pm.  (TIG this is grenada!)
We were starrrrrrving.  I hadn't eaten much for lunch because I knew it was all you could eat buffet and thankfully it was worth the wait.
We were given dinner plates the size of a charger.... and I just went through the line and took some of everything that was offered to me.... salad, pasta salad, rolls, prime rib, fish, chicken (in some awesome creme sauce) mixed vegetables, rice, potatoes, lasagna, and lamb. AND about 5 desserts
my favorites were the chicken, pasta salad (shocking) and the lasagna.
It was all quite boring, but at least the food was good :) and I got to see Lee for a couple of hours away from the books!
I didn't take any pictures at the actual event b/c I was the only spouse there and I didn't want to embarrass Lee, like I was his Mom or something, haha. 

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