Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Year Anniversary!!

this past Sunday Lee and I celebrated one year of marriage!  amazing how time flies!!
we weren't able to celebrate much on Sunday because Lee had exams on Monday and Tuesday... but we still made a little time for each other and had a really nice day. and celebrated again on Tuesday.

we were unable to bring our wedding cake with us to have for the traditional one year anniversary, so I made my own little cake and tried to decorate it to look as close to the original as I could.  It was delicious too! I also made pasta, which is what we ate at our wedding.... so what if we had to wait until 10 oclock at night when Lee came home to eat it.
On Tuesday when Lee finished his exam we went to the beach, which sadly was the worst beach day since we've been here.  every time Lee gets time to go to the beach its never sunny.
But we still had fun, Lee just took off running into the water while it was pouring the rain!  The water felt soooo warm while it was raining, it was like bathwater! and we were the only people crazy enough to be on the beach!
and of course we stopped for smoothies before hand!!

On Tuesday evening my friend Ashely who is teaching herself photography (and is incredible!) did a 'one year anniversary photo shoot' with us!  She was looking for someone to practice on & I thought we should get pictures taken since the 1 year is the paper anniversary... and I wanted some nice pictures taken in Grenada.  She is still editing them, but she posted a few on her blog so I could get a preview!! I love the way these few turned out & can't wait to see more!!! Ashley's Blog!

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Kensi said...

Happy Anniversary!! The pics Ashley took are fantastic! I love them!


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