Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Grenada

Easter morning we went to a sunrise service at the point on campus.  It was my first sunrise service... I think. probably because my family had 5 kids & we would have never made it on time & once I was older.... yea right....... so. here we are in Grenada & I asked Lee if he would get up and watch the sunrise with me & then he was called and asked to play the guitar and sing for a service.
It was beautiful and peaceful and it made me appreciate the beauty around me that I take for granted.  What an amazing way to start your day, especially Easter.  The way the sun was coming through the clouds looked as if Jesus was just gonna walk out and join us..... and I think he did. Where 2 or more are gathered right.

Afterward we came home and went back to sleep... it was only 6:45!  and church isn't until 11.  I slept until 10 and Lee made us iced coffee  and it was delicious!
After church we had a baptismal service at the black sand beach and an international potluck lunch!  I missed the end of church because I was helping with food for the potluck.... all the people getting baptized spoke and I wish I had been there to hear them!  2 of Lee's friends got baptized!  and there was a girl who converted from Islam and a guy from Buddhism! amazing.... I love living amongst such a diverse group of people, our church is especially diverse.

The black sand beach is soooo cool!
Unfortunately it is closed most of the time because of a strong undertow
It was cool to walk on though... it's HOT. and you sink in it.
It was a good day :)

We also colored Easter eggs with the kids at Limes this week.... it was so fun. they are so cute!  


Glennis said...

Very clever, the kids will love them.

Amanda said...

Happy Easter! The beach looks cool! Make sure you get some sand in a bottle to save sometime.

I know we went to a sunrise service at least once, I fell asleep sitting w/ Jan Leibee and my hand was full of jelly beans, lol. That's all I remember, it might have been before you were born since I remember seeing my teacher (1st grade) one Easter too at breakfast.. it was probably the same day.

Ashley said...

Sunrise services are wonderful! Glad you guys had such a great Easter. Your pictures are beautiful! Hope I can come to Lime's again sometime soon :)


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