Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mauritius ♥

before you say it.... I KNOW. I live on a gorgeous tropical island... and I dearly love Grenada and appreciate it....but I think it's ok to be educated about (and visit)  all of God's beautiful creation...including Mauritius!
Have you ever heard of it?? I hadn't until someone from there visited my blog.... and whoa whoa whoa I never knew such a place existed!
It is pronouced Maur-ishus.

It is located 500 miles east of Madagascar (with a c, not a k as the map says)
Did you even know ANYTHING was east of Madegascar?? 
I never ever hear about the Indian Ocean, maybe because I live in the Western Hemisphere and all we know is the Pacific and the Caribbean Islands.... (but of course I didn't even know where Grenada was a year ago)
The island is 787sq miles
It takes 26 hours to get there by plane from NYC!
If you ever want to get away from it all.... this is the place to do it!!!!!

They even have a real city!!!! The population of Mauritus is about 1million... and the majority of the population is Indian and there are many people of African decent, European, and Chinese.
They speak English and French.
It is the only African nation where Hinduism is the largest religion
It is also the only known home of the extinct Dodo bird!!!

So I'm already planning our 10 year anniversary trip here :)
5 year will be back to Cozumel where we honeymooned
and EVERY year will be Grenada... haha I wish!

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