Sunday, February 21, 2010


The US just beat Canada in Hockey.....
I haven't decided yet if America beating Canada or Canada beating the US would be best for Lee and I's relationship...... I'm trying really hard to hold back the comments, although if it had been the other way around he'd be all in my face. hahahaha. I can't help it Americans are just good at sports.
even sports we don't like, like Hockey. I'm gonna say Hockey is #5 on the list of American's favorite sports... possibly 6th.
1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Baseball
4. Soccer
5. Hockey
7. Golf
That's just my list I made up..... I could be wrong.
anyway... I'm just going to enjoy this moment :)
because Canada could come back in the Medal rounds.....

In other news I went snorkeling again today.  It was fun and tiring.
and the people I went with were apparently profession snorkelers. lol.
they went a little further out than I was comfortable with.... I don't like to be risky with my life.
and my goggles kept filling up with water! so I went back to shore to adjust them and then I was too tired to swim alllllll the way back out.  so I stayed a little closer to shore
We did see sand dollars and urchins and I found a cool shell!
I definitely want to go snorkeling with Lee soon!  I feel safer in the ocean when he is around :)
 That is me... the bun and snorkel sticking out of the water 
Rebecca with a live sand dollar!
She wouldn't let anyone keep an alive one either... haha. 

Me, Rebecca, Ed, Alfonso, Sarah, Ashley, Amber
the cast of Real World -Grenada

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