Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Haiti.... ♥

Another tremor in Haiti! Apparently yesterday another 4.9 tremor went through.
I haven't seen much about it on the internet (and I don't have a TV...)
but I read about it on a blog....
I hope that another 150 people dead is an over-estimate...

I don't know what the world should do about Haiti.
something needs to be done
but is it US takeover??
It's not like we have a ton of money sitting around for the takeover and rebuilding of a nation.
and Haiti would be unlike anywhere else, you'd have to basically start from scratch.
Pioneers in a new world
and their government or whatever you want to call it is so corrupt. and while the US has a history of ousting goverment heads we don't like or agree with, it's not our place. not that that matters to us.
but i wish it would be someone's 'place'

my heart is just sad for that country.
they're so poor, so lost...

Lee and I decided (on a lighter note) that Canada should take it over & have a tropical destination for it's citizens... that way we can live in 'Canada' but skip the cold.
best of both worlds (for Lee that is....)  
and Canada could go in and gain control of Haiti without looking like a bully, like the US would. people like Canada around the world... they're a nice peaceful country.
and it'd be a boost in their population. Haiti has around 10-9 Million people.
and they'd get all the money from the tourism industry..... (after they spent a gazillion on cleanup and rebuilding)
I should call Steven Harper and give him my idea.

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