Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Wednesdays are half price ticket days at the movie theater so tonight I FINALLY got to see Avatar.....
I LOVED avatar.
I usually don't just hop on board with all the movies everyone loves... but WOW it's so good.
The colors and the details are just so incredible...I just smiled the entire time (before they started fighting and dying) because it was so beautiful. the imagination that came up with those colors and scenery... whoooooaaaaaaaaaa
I can't believe that in 2010 we are still making such advances in movies.... this must be like what Wizard of Oz was in the 30s or something...... what will movies look like in 2050?

so.... about the theater. we got tickets for both of us for $22EC which I think is around $8USD... the theater is small, but nice for a 2nd world coutry I'd say.
they had AWESOME popcorn! and we got peanut M&Ms to go with it..... perfect movie food!
Pop corn and candy was $7EC, so that's like less than $3!
I want to go there everyday and just get popcorn.

Before the movie we were planning on going to Glovers for pizza... Glovers is on campus, right down the hill from us but I've never had their pizza. I love pizza, I crave pizza alllll the time.
I crave lots of things... daily I have a craving. I wonder what I'll be like when I'm pregnant....
anyway... so since we don't have an oven, I can't make pizza here, ever. so I really wanted it tonight.
we get to Glover's and I order at large cheese pizza, which is $32EC around $12US
they say...."oh no, no pizza right now" and I'm like what?? and they said they have a big order for something else and don't want to take orders for pizza......................DANG IT!
not "sorry, but if you'll wait x amount of time you can get pizza" hahaha.... but that's the way things roll around here... customer service is not a priority at all. neither is time.
so we left. and got chinese food from the chinese lady who sits at the bus stop. she lets you sample her chicken before you buy. that's customer service. and it was AWESOME.  I crave chinese too. so does Lee.
I had chicken with some kind of sauce, rice, and pumpkin or squash or something good like that.
Lee had the same chicken, low mein, and some kind of beans.... and we each could only eat like half, so we'll have it for lunch tomorrow.

and we wait for EVER for the bus tonight..... I'm not patient.
and I went to the beach today and found some really cool shells.

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