Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cloudy Day...

Today Lee finally had a couple hours of spare time to go to the beach with me... his 2nd time since we've been here! I've been at least 10 times.  Today was also the first time that Lee has left campus in almost 2 weeks..... craziness.
We got up early and since this is Thursday we can to to the University Club, where there is the pool and kayaking... so we took the bus over to Lance Aux Epines... and the sky was BLACK. no sun =( 
and it was almost chilly out.... its weird how much the sun makes a difference. the pool wasn't fun b/c it was cold.... laying in a chair wasn't fun b/c there wasn't sun.... so we went kayaking, which I was happy about because Lee loves it so much.
There is a lot of freedom there to kinda go as far as you want in the kayak... and Lee is really brave. lol. we went a little further than I would have liked, but there were some small waves today that made it really fun to go up and down and get a little splashed. and kayaking is so much more fun when you have a strong man with you to do all the work =)

and since today is Thursday, it was also MILK DAY! yay! We actually hadn't used all of the milk I bought last week yet, but you've got to get it while you can!  oooh and I found generic Mountain Dew for $5EC for a 2 liter! pretty good.

tonight we're having my mom's recipe for shredded chicken sandwiches... on freshly backed Grenadian wheat buns. mmmmmmmmmmm

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Love the new header!


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