Thursday, August 31, 2017

Leo 3.5

Leo turned 3 and a half last week.
My boy is getting so big.
He is so independent and brave and smart and precious.

I don't even know where to begin with him.  He amazes me every single day. Seriously. He is so smart and funny. He is always saying the cleverest things. Sometimes he's too clever.

Last week we were getting ready for church and I said - Leo do you know your verse for this week? and he said no... and I said well then you're not going to get any candy... and he said its okay, Miss Kaye gives me candy even if I don't say it.
and then! At church Miss Kaye was talking to them about how important it is to listen to your mom and dad and Leo says - "but it's easy to just go to time out"

Last night we went to Chickfila and I was trying to bribe him to help me clean up his bedroom before and I said - Leo if you help me clean up I'll get you ice cream after dinner. He thinks for a second and says - no, I don't like chickfilas ice cream anyway.

I should be afraid of what is to come...

But I promise more often than he says things like that he is super sweet.  He makes up the sweetest songs. Today he sang this to me -

God is with you wherever you go
God will protect you
God made dinosaurs
Dinosaurs are not here anymore
I love you

He is amazing at drawing and writing. He has been writing his name forever but now he likes to write all different kinds of letters and then ask me what it spells. Or he will ask me how to write a word and write it out perfectly. I really feel like he's going to read soon.  He knows all his letter sounds and can sound out short words and he can do a few sight words. - Dog, cat, mommy, daddy, Houston, Batman lol.
It makes me so happy that he loves to do art projects. Almost every day we draw with chalk or paint or just draw on paper.  He is getting pretty detailed and I love all his art. Its so hard to have to throw some of them away sometimes. But I always take a picture first!

Oh and back to church and the bible verses - he is great at memorizing verses. He has about 5 that he can recite and he knows the entire Lord's prayer. Sometimes he sings it in his little made up songs :)

He is so curious. It keeps things interesting. He asks me to look things up on my phone or he wants to find a book about certain subjects at the library. Today he asked the librarian for a book about worms that suck blood... and the other day he insisted we good whether or not ants have boogers.
One day he got in trouble for chopping down one of my plants but I couldn't be mad after he told me the reason he did it was that he just wanted to see what was inside of it. haha. He asks that about a lot of things - what is inside of it?!

One of his favorite subjects is sea creatures.  His current favorite show that he asks to watch almost every single day is Octonauts... I still don't like him watching a lot of TV, but he really loves this show and remembers every single thing about it.  He's taught me about cone snails, burmese pythons (pyphones to Leo :), squid, jelly fish, alligators, and so much more. He is Kwazzi, I am Tweak, Lee is Captain Barnacles, and Houston is Peso. I don't know... just the names he gave us.

One of the most adorable things is Leo now has imaginary friends. I've read that it is a sign of intelligence lol. I don't know about that, but it is fun.
For a couple months now Leo has talked about "his animals" in pretty much every situation it is - oh my animals can do that or my animals have been there before or my animals will keep us safe.
This week though the animals have begun physically being in our house.  The two he talks to the most about are his Tiger and his Monkey. The monkey swings on our ceiling fan and the tiger was sitting at our table at breakfast.

He still loves to dress up and pretend he's different superheroes. He sometimes combines different ones and powers.  He mostly likes Batman and Spiderman though.

Oh and he LOVES legos! He could sit in his room for hours and build things with his legos. I know I keep saying it but that also makes me so happy!  He is REALLY good too and comes up with some very cool contraptions. He is very symmetrical in his building too.

I'd say he's your typical boy in most things - he likes dirt, sports, being dangerous, tv, etc...

We're getting very excited about our upcoming adventure to Honduras. Leo can't wait to see mountains and I am feeling hopeful that he develops an interest in Spanish because as of right now he does not want to learn Spanish at all!
I will tell you what though, Leo will not miss the AC while we're there. He comes out often in sweatshirts complaining about being cold and we keep our house at about 75, haha, if it's a cloudy day you can be sure Leo wants to wear

As has been the case for his entire life, Leo is super tall. He was over 40 inches this summer when we went to Busch Gardens so he got to ride a lot of the bigger rides! It's crazy!
I think he's finally gained some weight too. We'll find out at Houston's 15 month appointment soon how much he weighs and how tall he is.  He's wearing 4-5T and size 11, almost 12 in shoes!!

He's still pretty picky in the eating department, but he has been more open at least to trying things thankfully. He finally eats chicken and french fries out in restaurants! haha! I NEVER though I'd be happy about that, but it's so much more convenient when he will eat SOMETHING on the menu. I think part of the difference is he decided he likes ketchup... and chickfila helps. The gateway nuggets.

And besides being smart, funny, and sweet.... this kid is ridiculously good looking.

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